Artist Kim Cogan teams up with shaper Danny Hess to make a board epitomizes what the San Francisco show is about. Incredible artists teaming up with legendary SF board builders and nailing an iconic SF tribute.

Come and enjoy a night of artwork infused with the clean lines of master craftsmen from the surfing world, set to the infectious rhythms of live music from Humboldt County’s Likwefi. Enjoy a Kona beer while taking it all in at the Driftwood Salon art gallery in the heart of San Francisco.

Building on our collection of boards from our previous event held in San Diego (over half of which have now sold to collectors) we recently invited over a dozen new artists to team up with shapers of their choice to create unique objects of art with the surfboard as the common substrate. With styles of art ranging from pure abstraction to gritty realism, from surreal visions to the honest captures of a camera’s lens, with narratives both visual and verbal, we are excited to present to you perhaps one of the most unique quivers of contemporary collectable surfboards ever assembled for a single cause. Many of the boards in this collection have significant values of their own, just by virtue of the hands that crafted them. The artists we’ve invited bring their lifelong skills honed in creating one-of-a-kind works of art to the boards, resulting in boards that just can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

This will be the only chance for Bay Area collectors to catch a glimpse of these incredible boards in person before they are taken to Southern California for an Auction Event that SurfAid International will be hosting later this year. All of the boards will be available for purchase at pre-auction prices with at least 50% of each sale going directly to SurfAid International to support SurfAid’s humanitarian efforts on the Mentawai and Nias islands in Indonesia. You don’t want to miss your chance to see these boards in person and meet many of the artists and shapers who will be in attendance, learn more about SurfAid International, and have a great time. We hope to see you there!


Where: Driftwood Salon art gallery 39 Isis St. San Francisco, CA 94103 (near 12th and Folsom Streets.) click here for map

When: One Night Only! Saturday June 9, 2012 6-10 pm

What: Art makers & Board shapers working together to benefit SurfAid International. Live Music from Humboldt County’s Likwefi! Kona Beers.

Artists | Shapers

Patrick Trefz at Travis Reynold’s shape-shop. Photo:

Erik Abel | Robert Weiner

Eric Bailey | Unknown Shaper

Christian Beamish | Christian Beamish

Matt Beard | Yohei Shiraishi

Ben Brough | Dan Taylor

Kim Cogan | Danny Hess

Ron Croci | John Birchim

John Culqui | Mike Schoen

Ea Eckerman | Merrick Rustia

Greg “Pnut” Galinsky | Erik Baldwin

Jose Emroca Flores | Erik Baldwin

Shawn Griggs | Tim Stamps

Robb Havassy | Rusty Preisendorfer

Wade Koniakowsky | Mike Hynson

Alex Krastev | Jerry Madrid

Matt Long | Brian Heritage

Lydia Martin | Bill Johnson

Serena Mitnik-Miller | Marc Andreini

Aleks Petrovitch | Aleks Petrovitch

Kevin Pincus | Unknown Shaper

Spencer Reynolds | Jeff “Doc” Lausch

Rick Rietveld | Jed Noll

Heather Ritts | Terry Senate

Patrick Trefz | Travis Reynolds

Sarah Utter | Paul Jensen


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