Surf & Ocean Photographer

The Inertia

Showcasing a unique take on surf photography, the Essence of H2O exhibit dove into Brenton de Rooy’s collection of double exposure surf photography along with other surf and ocean-inspired works to share his deep connection to the ocean.

Brenton grew up in Forster, a small coastal town on the Mid North Coast of Australia. Spending most of his time in the ocean, it was only a matter of time until he picked up a camera and started shooting images.

Brenton’s approach to his photography is an extension of his laidback, easy going and fun personality while holding high standards and being a perfectionist when it comes to this art form. He continues to push his own boundaries by experimenting and developing different abilities, not just through the lens but also in post-production. This fine art approach to surf photography is strongly represented in this exhibition.

Note: You can follow photographer Brenton de Rooy on Instagram here.


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