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Zachary Bennett Brook creates some pretty amazing things with a paintbrush and a surfboard. But as amazing as the boards themselves come out, what’s really amazing is his inspiration behind it all. The Wollongong native’s work is first and foremost a tribute to his heritage. He knows water is ingrained in his culture, and so many designs are inspired by a pattern he sees when he’s out enjoying one of his greatest passions – surfing. The color tones are often associated with the ocean, and it’s all packaged perfectly using surfboards and fins as their canvas.

We all love artwork plastered on to surfboards, and this is some of the best you’ll ever see.

A set of Bennett's painted fins framed.

A set of Bennett’s painted fins framed.

To see more of Zachary Bennett’s work please visit Saltwater Dreamtime.

Zachary Bennett Brook // Indigenous Artist Profile from Jordan Osborne on Vimeo.


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