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The Inertia

Surfers are all too familiar with the myriad sounds of the ocean. The hiss the water makes as it reaches the shoreline and slides up the sand. The explosive way the lip of a hollow wave cracks through its trough. The sounds are so familiar, in fact, they’ve become downright mundane.

A recent collaboration, though, between Sharp’s Brewery in Cornwall, UK and Universal Music seeks to harness the musicality of the ocean’s sounds. “We took the sounds of the ocean and turned them into a recording artist called ‘Keynvor,'” explains the video above, “Keynvor” being the Cornish word for ocean. “Every stream will create royalties for the ocean, allowing it to protect itself.”

Keynvor’s first single is in collaboration with Sebastian Plano the contemporary composer from Argentina. All royalties go to Surfers Against Sewage.


We recommend you stop what you’re doing, throw those headphones on and enjoy the musical stylings of the Cornish Sea:



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