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The Menzingers Photo: Epitaph

The Menzingers. Photo: Epitaph

The Inertia

Straight out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, The Menzingers are eager to unleash the newest iteration of their palatable, yet distinctly punk rock sound on American stereos with their February 21 release, On The Impossible Past. After releasing the much-anticipated follow-up to Chamberlain Waits, which gained critical acclaim as’s 2nd Best Album of 2010, The Menzingers are currently touring with Rise Against.

Says guitarist and vocalist Tom May, “When people hear the songs from On The Impossible Past, I just hope people can relate to it and it makes them feel the way we do when we sing it.”

Listen to the full stream of The Menzingers’ On The Impossible Past courtesy of Epitaph Records, and click here to purchase the album.


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