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Lizzy is a Portuguese surfer living by the sea in Peniche, Portugal. She is a free and adventurous spirit always ready to leave on the next adventure, a simple girl with simpler tastes, giving value to the small things in life.

It all began by 14 when she was watching a TV show and decided she wanted to surf. At the time, a girl with a surfboard wasn’t so common but Lizzy challenged the odds and entered the sea all alone. She felt at home in the ocean and the persistence and effort to become a better surfer gave her all the strength and balance she needed to face. She knew her way around with a pencil and a piece of paper from the time she was a little girl, and she found drawing to be a way to self-discovery, revealing her most deep understandings of reality. Meanwhile, she feels the ocean is a place for spiritual and self-improvement.

“Soul & Surf” is how she simply describes her illustrations. Different things can become inspirations for each illustration, whether it’s a surf session, a trip, a particular photo, a deeper connection with something or somebody, a dream, or something else that causes a feeling or an emotion.

“I’m recycling energy,” she says. “I experience to feel, I let it marinate for a while, and some day I feel pressured to let it out. Usually, after a collection, I can tell you what the meaning was behind it. But I only understand it after I start to draw and I cannot draw if I don’t have a story to tell. This is why I was never good in conceptual art, where the concept is created before the creation, making the art rationalized. In my process, the energy finds a way of revealing itself using what my mind recognizes as beauty.”

Note: You can find more of Lizzy’s work on Instagram here and online here


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