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The Inertia

Robot Koch’s track “Dark Waves” from his new album Hypermoment was a dream turned into reality. When he approached me he shared the story of this hauntingly beautiful song coming to him while asleep one night. And in this dream he saw the silhouettes of a lonesome surfer paddling in the ocean. Right away I knew this would be the perfect project to provide visuals for. I told my buddy Ryan Gast about my plans to venture out to the Central Coast of California to shoot this video and he dropped everything right away to join. Ryan, his pal and surf talent extraordinaire Elijah Bustos, myself, and the two masterminds behind Breed Surfboards, Bruno Troadec and Gilles delaPointe set off to make it a reality. Four days later we came back with hours of footage for what would become the visualization of a musician’s dream.

I have to give major credit to the guys from Watershot Inc. who provided me with one of their latest production models of their professional smart phone housing line. Which reminds me, did I mention that I shot this entirely on my iPhone6s Plus? In this case it was just the most feasible solution to take the iPhone in order to stay within a very slim budget.



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