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The Inertia

Norway is better known for its black metal scene, dark days, and cold weather than its surf. So this is what happens when you combine that magnificent, distinct heavy metal sound with beautiful surfing from the coastline of Jæren.

Metal band Avast has a sound that combines black metal with post-rock to create hypnotic pieces. Most would expect harsh-sounding music and screaming vocals, according to the band’s vocalist, Hans Olaf Myrvang, but the music/surf video they created with Ivar Vasstveit is purely instrumental.

“We wanted to do something original and different for our genre,” Hans says. “Our name, Avast, is an old nautical word that means ‘stop.’ As a band, we have strong views on our society and especially on how we as a human species treat our planet. We see pollution everywhere, and especially at sea. We’re concerned, and we’re not alone. However, the main reason it all came together is Ivar Vasstveit put together a beautiful film of surfers in raw nature. Powerful, emotional instrumental music fits that like a wetsuit glove.”

Editor’s Note: If you want more of Avast, visit them here. You can also find more of Ivar’s work here, and more from the Norwegian surf scene on the SurfNorges website.


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