The Inertia

You may remember the 2015 release of the painted series Animal Shred. Artist Kate Barattini referred to photos of human shredders and if they beckoned for a new and improved animal head, they would get one.

We see a familiar favorite in this new series of paintings. You may remember Craig Anderson flying through the air as a lion from 2015 and now we can find Ando tucked into Cloudbreak’s sweet shade as another big cat. You’ll also find Karina Rozunko perched as an alluring Red Tailed Hawk and Dane Gudauskas tromping through the snow post-cold water session in “Moose Shred.”

The release of these paintings was held, via a PBR sponsored party (they went through nearly 1,000 beers) in Charleston, South Carolina where Kate teamed up with talented surf photographer, Justin Morris, to present Animal Shred in two mediums — one painted and the other photographed. Justin and some trusting local surfers collaborated to bring Animal Shred to life with a showcase of photos that are equally as bizarre as they are lovely.

“Surfing with those masks on was incredibly difficult making for a lot of laughs in the water,” exclaims Barattini. “I do wish shortboarding with the masks on was possible and I think it would be if we had better surf; it’s certainly something to look forward to in the future. However, I am really stoked on the shots Justin came away with. It’s always wonderful working with him and it is exciting to see the concept shared in a new form.”


See more of Kate Barattini’s work here and Justin Morris’ here.


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