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The Inertia

“If surf is the phenomenon of Leça da Palmeira, why not view it in an artistic way?” This was the starting point of an innovative project in Portugal by Filipa Costa.

The adventurous spirit comes from her father, Francisco Costa, founder and former owner of the first surf shop in Leça da Palmeira. With such an interesting background, Filipa proposed a unique concept for the shop after completing her studies in art history. The shop would function as equal parts art gallery and surf shop.

Located on the busiest street in Leça da Palmeira, this “beach gallery,” as Filipa calls it, contrasts from other businesses in the area. It’s a comfortable and relaxed environment decorated with vintage and retro furniture inherited from her grandparents, which perfectly matches its concept. Surf Leça is a true taste of surf culture and never forgetting its ties to bodyboard, snowboard, yoga, meditation, and street art.

Since April 2012 Surf Leça has hosted several exhibitions, participated in art markets, and hosted events related to surf and environmental causes. In its collection are names like Catarina Machado, Tó Mané, Isabel Monteiro, Filipa Costa, João Pedro Rocha, Bart, Porto in Patterns, Elena Grib, Lizzy Artwork, Tamara Artwork, Marita Forss, Márcia Luças and Miguel Sotto Mayor.

The current group art show is “STOKED.” Exploring techniques like painting, drawing, illustration, collage, photography on canvas, paper, cardboard, a surfboard, fins and even an ironing board, this art show is represented by artwork displayed on surfboard fins. Artists include: Marlin Fins customization by António Alfarroba, Bart by Ana Lisa, Catarina Machado, Cláudia Guerreiro, Elena Grib, Filipa Costa, Hanna Szymanska, Isabel Monteiro, João Catarino, Lizzy Artwork, Márcia Luças, Maria Valadares, Marta Baptista, Miguel Sotto Mayor, Nuno Draws, Pedro Ferreira, and Porto in Patterns.

Workshops, urban interventions, yoga and meditation classes, movie sessions, and environmental and charity fundraisers are all on the calendar for this unique take on a surf shop, many of them in partnership with tourism and cultural organizations in the region. And Surf Leça is always receiving portfolios from young artists who identify with the shop’s theme.

Note: You can learn more about Surf Leça on both Instagram and Facebook.


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