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You have, of course, heard of Thomas Campbell. The man is a creative genius, and his medium often involves all things surf. You name it and Campbell does it—artist, photographer, filmmaker, sculptor, whatever, if it’s pleasing to the eye, he’s got his fingers in it. He’s the guy who made such films as The Seedling, Sprout, and The Present, all of which are some of the best in the genre. His work’s been all over world with solo exhibitions in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Denmark, The Netherlands, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Morocco. The guy is, at heart, an artist. He’s “quiet, trend-setting, and ineffably cool,” according to Matt Warshaw of EOS fame. And since he’s often found lurking around the Vissla label, so they put together a collection showcasing a bunch of his work.

Thomas Campbell Collection from Vissla on Vimeo.


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