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The Inertia

Paige Alms, Steph Gilmore and Leah Dawson are just a few familiar faces that will have the spotlight in New York City next month. As just a small sample of the star studded lineup at the 3rd Annual NYC Womens Surf film Festival, Women of the Seven Seas will be dedicated to the celebration and empowerment of female surfers, according to co-founder of Lava Girls Surf Club Davina Grincevicius.

Devyn Bisson’s film, The Wave I Ride, Paige Alms’ story and her place in big wave surfing. “We’re not just making another surf film. It’s not about aerials and cut backs. It’s the story of what the ocean gives this woman’s soul and what she gives back,” the director says.

Steph Gilmore teamed up with Morgan Maasen to create The Champ, and Leah Dawson will be the subject of a film called Julune: A Surf Dream in Indo. Those stories, along with several others, will create a lineup at Rockaway Beach Surf Club that highlights what makes the female surfer’s journey unique, what fuels their passion and connects them to the ocean.

“Surfing is a passion for me but also the connection that is made with other surfers through our love for the ocean and the creative energy that celebrates the stories from around the world,” says Grincevicius.


For more information about the free film festival set for August 15, 2015, visit the Lava Girl Surf Club’s website.




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