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The Inertia

Cocaine is a hell of a drug, as they say. It’s not a cheap drug, especially if you live in Australia. And a lifeguard working Bondi Beach found a lot of it just bobbing around in the waters in front of one of Australia’s most popular beaches.

It’s far from the first time a big ol’ pile of coke has been recovered (this find pales in comparison to the 3.5 tons found floating in the Pacific near New Zealand), and it certainly won’t be the last. I’m no drug kingpin, but I’d wager that one measly brick is but a drop in the ocean of drugs it was likely a part of. An acceptable loss, as it were, since it’s likely the rest of the shipment made its way to its destination. Still, though, a brick worth an estimated $200,000 AUD is nothing to sneeze at. The find was recorded by the honest lifeguard, who was on a PWC when he ran across it.

“I’ve just been up between the heads,” he says, “and I’ve just found this little package of what looks like cocaine. We’re just about to hand that over to the police. Probably 100,000, 200,000 bucks in that little package there. Just around the corner from Bondi.”

According to reports, the latest drug find is part of a growing problem. In the last few months alone, over 500 pounds of cocaine have washed up in various parts of the region. There’s something in the water in Australia, isn’t there?


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