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More precipitation is on the way… Photo: WeatherBell// Powderchasers

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This snow season just keeps on delivering! After the first couple of storms in December, there was a brief break in the weather that had me worried we’d see a repeat of last year – massive dump of snow to start the season followed by months of little to no snowfall. But then early January rolled around, bringing powder day after powder day to the Tahoe region, and I was in heaven, it seemed like things couldn’t get better. They could. The next round of storms over MLK weekend pounded the Western U.S. with some of the lowest-density snow I’ve ever seen in Tahoe.

And February was no slouch either, with an early storm, a brief break, and a parade of cold storms that just might have produced even better snow than MLK weekend. Honestly though, it’s hard to say. One powder day this season has blended into another as I’ve scored more fresh tracks than the past two (maybe even three?) seasons combined.

Skiing has been on hold somewhat for this first part of March, as the snow that’s falling has been decidedly wetter, even a mix of rain and snow at times that has been a true nightmare for Tahoe residents and workers with horrible roads, collapsed roofs, and so, so much shoveling.

However, that’s all about to change. And no, I don’t mean the snow is going to stop. It’s gonna keep falling, but at temperatures that gets the powderhound in me riled up. Significant snowfall is forecasted for the Tahoe region and much of the West starting this Monday, with cold fronts, dropping temps, and right-side-up snow as a result.


“While temperatures will start warm with this next storm, the models show a solid cold front arriving Monday night in the Sierra, Wednesday afternoon in the Wasatch, and Thursday morning in Colorado,” reports Powderchasers. “While the exact timing of the cold front will likely change a bit, unlike the previous two storms, the models show ample post-frontal moisture. This should result in more of what we’ve grown accustomed to all season, right side up snow with good quality, low density on top. As has been the case all season, the deepest totals should fall in the Sierra, with respectable amounts in Utah and Colorado as well. Once again, by the end of next week, we could be talking about several feet of new snow for the Sierra, with potentially 1-2 feet possible for Utah and Colorado.”

Will this season ever stop? I certainly hope not.


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