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Ouch! Well, mark one up for the anti-foil side of the argument. Celebrated lip hacker Damian Hobgood recently took a wing to the noggin while on a trip to Fiji. No word where he was surfing–or whether he was hit by another foil rider or was on one himself–when the run-in occurred but it definitely left a mark. He posted a semi-gruesome shot to his Instagram account as he applied his favorite disinfectant. “Got attacked by a foil last Monday,” he wrote. “Surfed the next day but wore a hat to try and keep the sun off the stitches and cut.”

While it looks as though Mr. Hobgood scored mightily (in both waves and in the fishing department, below), there’s no doubt his injury will fuel the anti-foil diatribe. Foiling looks fun. But also a little scary. Where’s the Gath when you need it?



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