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Hurricane Ian’s impact on the state of Florida varied from county to county. More than two-million people across the state were left without power at different points, homes and roads were flooded, leaving some trapped, and the state’s death toll tragically reached 100 people by Tuesday morning.

Former CT veteran Cory Lopez shared descriptions of his own brush with the storm up in Daytona Beach, where he and his family had chosen not to evacuate.

“I drove around town today and so many neighborhoods are completely underwater,” he told The Inertia. “Lots of roofs ripped or collapsed, at least two piers I know of have been broken. It’s going to be some time to get this place back together. I feel very fortunate that my house handled rather well with only minor damage and my heart goes out to everyone who lost so much.”

For all the devastation that can come with hurricane season on the U.S. East Coast, surfers are often gifted some rare and memorable days at their local spots. And Ian was no exception for a handful of surfers in South Beach — a part of the state that isn’t exactly known as a surf-rich zone. Conditions weren’t what one would call pristine, but sizeable waves coming to South Beach are still something to stop and enjoy for a moment. As you can see, a few people made off with some hollow Ian-fueled rides.


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