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Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian recently partnered with Omaze to do something awesome: give a couple of lucky winners that chance of a lifetime and raise a shitload of money for a good cause. Because of it, they’ve just been awarded the Humanitarian of the Year award by SurfAid.

“Shane and Kelly have been long time supporters of SurfAid,” said Dr. Dave Jenkins, SurfAid Founder. “In addition to raising funds for our programs, the Omaze campaign raised much-needed awareness.”

Surfing can be a blindfold sometimes. Travels end up in the most exotic of places, rife with perfect waves and cheap beer. The reality is, though, that many of those places are in dire straits for those who call it home. “The perception of living in what appears to be paradise in remote island communities is really different to the reality,” Dr. Jenkins continued. “Many communities lack clean water, basic health care, and sanitation, yet they are the playground for the global surf community. For Shane and Kelly to use their position to help moms and babies thrive and survive, shows the type of character they have. They are extremely deserving of this honor and on behalf of SurfAid, I am stoked to recognize them for their support.”

Slater and Dorian’s most recent Omaze campaign raised of $75,000 in revenue for SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health Programs. “That was enough for three entire villages to be supported by SurfAid,” said Dorian. “It was great to see what SurfAid was able to do with the money we raised.”

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