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Kelly Slater’s offering up the chance of a lifetime to raise money for hurricane relief in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. Photo: Omaze

The Inertia

If you got it, flaunt it, they say. Of late, it would seem Kelly Slater knows that rule well. Following a successful secret contest that despite a moratorium on outside press made the public collectively drool, the GOAT is offering one lucky winner a once-in-a-lifetime chance to surf the place for an entire day, and get coached by Slater himself – all the proceeds of which going to hurricane relief efforts across the US and Caribbean.

This isn’t the first time Kelly’s partnered with Omaze to give regular folks the opportunity to check out the Surf Ranch in Lemoore. A little over a year ago, he famously gave out two golden tickets invoking Willy Wonka, all to raise funds for WSL Pure.

Now, all funds raised through Omaze will go to an organization called Americares that’s currently working hard delivering essential medicines and medical supplies to communities in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean impacted by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

The winner will receive roundtrip airfare to Lemoore, get put up in a “sweet hotel” (which, personally I’m dying to know which hotel in Lemoore is the “sweet” one), spend a day at the ranch getting coached by Kelly, and have a BBQ with Kelly and friends.


In all seriousness, this fundraiser will support some communities that are really struggling, and with the potential of maybe being able to surf Kelly’s wave, it seems like a win-win, really.

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