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sea turtle on patio

The adult female was disoriented and lost, so rescuers gave her a little help. Photo: Sea Turtle Preservation Society

The Inertia

Florida is home to a lot of sea life. Some of that life, like sea turtles, like to get their flippers dried out on land from time to time. Since we humans happen to live on land, it’s relatively common to have a run-in here and there. But one recent run-in meant an enormous sea turtle needed a little helping hand.

“A resident in Melbourne Beach, Florida found an adult sea turtle on his beachfront property this morning,” wrote the Sea Turtle Preservation Society. “He called Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation which then called our STPS hotline for action.”

Once the team was aware of the issue, they sent “Stranding & Salvage” team volunteer Cyndi Stinson to the home where she found the green sea turtle stuck on the patio behind the home.

“It was disoriented and couldn’t find its way out of the patio area,” STPS explained. “The turtle had to be carried out. The nearest fire and rescue crew was contacted and promptly arrived to assist.”

After a few hours of being stuck, rescuers put her in a harness and carried her away from the home and over the nearby dunes. Once there, she was released back into the sea uninjured —and hopefully not too worse for wear.


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