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The Endless Summer is an iconic film that every surfer can relate to. It’s a simple search for the perfect wave. Somebody just took that same concept and swapped out the word “wave” with “rum” to create Endless Summer Rum.


Grain and Barrel Spirit’s new silver rum is distilled in Barbados, the birthplace of rum. To top it off, the iconic imagery they’ve drawn upon is recognizable to all generations, from boomers to millennials.

Just like Mike Hynson and Robert August set out chasing summer for their perfect wave, Grain & Barrel Spirits Founder Matti Anttila set out on his own odyssey to find the perfect silver rum. In fact, the company website flips the script on surfers by suggesting the perfect wave doesn’t actually exist. “The Perfect Wave Is An Illusion,” the promotional site reads. “But that doesn’t make searching for it any less fun.” 


Looking east, west, north, and south from the Caribbean and South America to the South Pacific, Anttila settled on Barbados to distill his precious product. “When I think about rum, I think of sun, sand, and easy drinking with good friends,” Anttila says. “I wanted our new rum to capture those feelings. I approached Bruce Brown Films about the idea of an Endless Summer series of rums. They immediately fell in love with the idea and saw the same potential that I did. I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally introduce Endless Summer Rum.”

The Barbados silver selection of rum is the first offered under the Endless Summer Collection, although Anttila continues his search in hopes of additions of other rum from different parts of the world.

Now, can anyone else use the label you ask? Nope. Grain and Barrel Spirits now holds exclusive global spirits license for the movie the Endless Summer.

And a Dark and Stormy endless summer might not be such a bad thing.

For more information, check out their website.

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