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Robert “Robbo” Crossland is, perhaps, the most Australian Australian in all of Australia. The 69-year-old grandfather was swimming from the pier to the pub in Lorne, Victoria, a regular occurrence for him (example number one of most Australian Australian in Australia) when a shark attacked him.


It’s believed to be a 10-12 foot great white. On March 10th, Crossland was around 300 feet off the beach when he saw the fin coming at him. Instead of simply whimpering quietly, offering himself up and giving up on life, Robbo Mick Fanninged it in the face (example number two of most Australian Australian in Australia). “First thing I saw the fin, just circle around me and then it came straight at me,” he told Channel Nine News. “I punched it. I was just treading water, waiting for it each time, six or seven times, just punched it each time.”

Although the punches to the face were clearly a deterrent for the great white, Crossland also credits something else for the shark’s willingness to try and find something else to eat: his bright pink shorts.

This isn’t the first time Crossland’s has found himself face to face with a shark in that area. Just a year and a half ago, he was pulled from the water by lifeguards as a shark was circling—but nothing’s going to stop Crossland from completing his regular pier-to-pub swim.


Pow! Right in the kisser!

Pow! Right in the kisser! Image: Screenshot


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