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two american sailors (picture) are missing along with a third, and their boat, the ocean bound

Two American sailors (pictured) are missing along with a third, and their boat, the “Ocean Bound.” Photos: courtesy U.S. Coast Guard

The Inertia

Three American sailors bound for San Diego have disappeared off the coast of Baja California, Mexico.

The Mexican Navy and U.S. Coast Guard undertook a joint search effort when the three individuals failed to arrive for a scheduled supply stop in Cabo San Lucas on April 6. They’d last been heard from on April 4, the Coast Guard reported, as they sailed their 44-foot vessel Ocean Bound near Mazatlan, Mexico.

But two days later, they’d not only missed their port visit to Cabo San Lucas, but also gone radio silent.

Kerry O’Brien, Frank O’Brien, and William Gross were the crew of the 44-foot yacht. The vessel’s last known whereabouts placed it departing from Mazatlan, the Coast Guard reported. Since then, it said, search and rescue coordinators have contacted marinas throughout Baja California “with negative sightings of the vessel.”

According to a Facebook post by Kerry’s brother, Mark Argall, “cell phone pings on 4/4/2023 show off the coast of Mazatlan as calls to marinas in Cabo San Lucas. All calls were short and it’s presumed they were trying to make slip/ball reservations.” The calls did not go through, however.

Now, the Coast Guard and Mexican Navy are searching the coastline and Pacific Ocean for any sign of the sailors or the yacht. ABC identified the boat as a Lafitte, designed by Robert H. Perry Yacht Designers. The single-mast ships with their auxiliary motors are powerful and proven ocean-goers, according to Cruising World.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the three sailors of the Ocean Bound should contact the U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue coordination center at 510-437-3701.

Updates are available via the Coast Guard’s Twitter or Facebook accounts.


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