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Uli Emanuele died tragically on Wednesday after a wing suit stunt went wrong. Emanuele, who shot to fame when he completed what is widely regarded as one of the most technical wing suit flights ever, was filming the stunt that killed him. Above is a tribute video from the World Wingsuit League. “We are saddened to announce World Wingsuit League (WWL) has lost another great wingsuit pilot and a beautiful human being,” they wrote. “Uli Emanuele, thank you for your contributions to our sport and thank you for sharing your exceptional talent with the world. RIP. You will always be a part of the WWL family and your legacy lives on forever.”

According to reports, the 29-year-old Italian was filming for GoPro high in the Dolomites when he lost control and crashed into the rocks. Just prior to the accident, he posted a photo on his Facebook page.

While his management team confirmed his death, exact details surrounding the incident aren’t clear. Friends and fans, of course, are devastated by his loss, and have taken to social media to mourn the loss.

“One of the best persons I ever met. One of those few people that have the ability to expand your mind limits an make you see the world from a different point of view,” wrote Edoardo Giglio. “Uli Emanuele you have always been my hero and you will forever be. People like you are very rare, extremely modest although insanely talented. You have inspired so many people, you made us dream just by watching your incredible flights. I never ever thought this could happen to you, you were always so careful to every detail, at each jump you were like a surgeon performing an operation, everything has to be in place and everything was calculated, but unfortunately this is the sport, we all know the potential risk. Seeing you jumping by my side out of the most incredible exits after having climbed together all the way up the summit will be memories that I will remember forever. So simple so bright so true. Fly high bro and enjoy the flight.”

Our condolences go out to all those affected by Uli’s death.


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