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Jeremy Jones and Conrad Anker don't hold back. Photo: POW Action Fund

Jeremy Jones and Conrad Anker don’t hold back. Photo: POW Action Fund

The Inertia

Legends Jeremy Jones and Conrad Anker aren’t pulling any punches, calling out two climate change deniers running for office this November.

The first, Tom McClintock, currently represents California’s fourth district, which includes Truckee (where Jones currently resides) and a huge swath of the Sierra Nevada Range and Yosemite National Park. McClintock has questioned whether human activity plays a role in climate change while areas of his district were ravaged by wildfires. In an Instagram post, Protect Our Winters Action Fund writes that McClintock is completely out of touch just like Jerrys in ski resorts who, “wear jeans on the slopes, their goggles upside down… [and] manage to get their helmets on backward.”


Next up is Matt Rosendale who is running to represent Montana in the Senate. Of central importance in his campaign is public lands, an issue Rosendale explained he’d battle head-on by taking on “radical environmentalists who sue to shut down the proper management of our forests.”


“Thanks for the compliment,” says renowned mountaineer Conrad Anker. “We think we’re pretty radical, too.”

For more information about how you can vote for the planet this November, download your very own voter guide here.


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