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The Inertia

Some things are just classic. Originals. Not to be trifled with-type-activities that are surefire good times. Bonfires. S’mores. Baseball games. Road trips in vintage vans full of Primo Beer. Yeah, that’d qualify.

This summer we convinced the PRIMO team to hand us the keys to their very radical, modified VW Van, grab our friend and Los Angeles surfer Matt Pagan, and hit the road. We ventured down to San Onofre, another classic, tested out a bunch of funky boards, and wrapped up the night with fireside chats, hotdogs, and cold Primos.

October’s just beginning, but watching this makes us already a little lovesick for summer. Come back soon, ya hear.


Editor’s Note: This shindig was powered by the good folks at Primo, Hawaii’s Original Beer. Ho braddah. Give ’em a follow on the ‘ol ‘Gram.


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