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The Inertia

Carlos Gauna has established himself as a modern great white shark expert, especially in the art of capturing footage of said sharks with his drone. Also known as the Malibu Artist (in case he’s new to you), he’s nabbed uber-high quality footage of whites up and down the California coast. And all over the world.

Now there’s a few factors that have played into Gauna’s rapidly growing following on the Tube and Instagram. First, his imagery is the top notch-est – his drone footage is crystal clear and shot in high-def. Second, and this is a big one, every title he uses has “great white shark,” in it. Sure to break the internet algorithm every time he posts. Every. Time.

So I couldn’t help myself. That, and this 2022 wrap-up from Gauna legitimately has at least 10 clips of great white sharks “eyeing,” “stalking,” “checking out” – the description is up to you – surfers. Even a few kayak fishermen and yes, swimmers. And, combined with that music, it is pretty eerie. But it’s the ocean. There are sharks in the sea. We play in it. Thus, it’s part of life. Gauna’s just putting it all on film. The shark-surfer dance starts at the 3:20 mark in the video above.


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