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Go into your local coffee shop and tell me what you see. Really look around and observe, and I’ll bet you your morning coffee that there is at least one person browsing Instagram. You’ve seen it – face mere inches from the screen, thumb or fore finger sliding up and down, occasionally double tapping the screen or typing a comment. It’s the addiction du jour. So 2014.

Since the vast majority of us are bound by our addictions to technology, let’s supplement it with more fodder for anti-social tendencies. Because Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., weren’t enough, and when you’re milking those precious minutes at the coffee shop before walking the plank to the office, you want some good entertainment, dammit!

That said, there are too many Instagram accounts that are a waste of time to swipe through in those precious few minutes of pre-work freedom. Weeding out the bad ones is important. Everyone follows (at least) one person who does one or all of these – the meal documentarian, the serial selfie-taker, the overzealous hashtagger, the “inspirational” quote and unoriginal meme addict, to name a handful – so let’s do away with the superfluous and celebrate the originals. Because they deserve your attention, not the guy who just posted his third selfie of the afternoon. There are roughly 200 million Instagrammers, so let me recommend ten who will add some much-needed substance to your feed.

Moving forward, we will feature one Instagrammer per week in a new feature. To be selected, catch our eye with your excellent photography, witty captions, and tag @theinertia #instaflavoroftheweek.


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