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The Inertia

It’s called the Dream Tour for a reason. But more and more, that dream seems to be turning into a bit of a blackout after a bender (Pipe is gone for 2019 and the Surf Ranch is on). The recent (temporary) inclusion of Uluwatu, however, is a welcome addition. You remember how we got here, don’t you?


The event at Margaret River was called off after two men were attacked just a stone’s throw from the contest site. Gabriel Medina and Italo Ferreira put up a stink about the whole affair on Instagram and the powers-that-be decided the risk of a shark attack (hello, Mick Fanning!) on a live broadcast wasn’t worth it. For a minute or two, it was the talk of the town. Then, because it’s the age of the internet, and even the most important issues only matter for an hour or two, everyone forgot.

But back to this season’s savior: Uluwatu, the shining gem of perfection to replace the shark-ridden Margaret River Pro and all the bad memories! Well, the horn has sounded at 3-4 foot Uluwatu. And while it’s not as good as we all know Uluwatu can get, it’s still better than most any left we get to surf at home.


Only the best. We promise.


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