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The tight-knit community of Dana Point, California is mourning the loss of Evan McMillen, a strong surfer and standout bodyboarder, who tragically died recently while surfing Salt Creek, the town’s crown jewel.

The nature of McMillen’s accident isn’t entirely clear. He was surfing last Sunday when witnesses walking along the beach noticed a surfboard that wasn’t moving in the whitewater. That’s when they say they saw McMillen facedown in the water, according to a report from the Dana Point Times. The couple that first saw McMillen apparently pulled him out of the water, saw that he was bleeding from the back of his head and started CPR. It’s not clear whether McMillen hit his head on the board or the sand.

McMillen was an exceptional athlete. He pitched for Dana Hills High’s baseball team, was of course a surfer, but also excelled as a bodyboarder. “Hubboards would like to extend our most sincerest condolences to @evanmcmillennnn ‘s family, friends and the entire California bodyboarding community upon the tragic loss of Evan’s life yesterday evening,” wrote his sponsor on Instagram. “A huge loss for bodyboarding! Rest in peace Evan, thanks for being a apart of @hubboards”

Indeed, it sounds as if McMillen was a giving soul who loved life and the water more than anything. “A happy-go-lucky, super loving kid,” said his uncle, Christopher Luntsford. “Super caring, just an amazing boy and young man. Always there for his brother, his friends and his family. Very humble and often revered really by everybody.”

McMillen, who had a twin brother, was memorialized on the sand by the community. A GoFundMe page was started for the family to deal with unexpected costs of this tragic accident.

Rest in peace Evan McMillen.




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