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Although the availability of waves changes with the seasons, surf films never really take a break because of a lack of swell. There will undoubtedly be a ton of surf films in 2016 and here’s a look at our first new crop. All three films look cool in their own unique way and feature some big names, some old school guys and some legendary pioneers who changed surfing forever.

Fish: The Surfboard Film

Fish: The Surfboard Film is a documentary film that looks at the origin of the fish style surfboard design and how it’s effected surf culture in the past 30 years. The film has killed it on the festival circuit, having won six awards and a “Best Doc” nomination at the Surfer Poll Awards this past December. It has some great interviews with Rob Machado, Dave Rastovich, Donavon Frankenreiter, Steve Lis, Skip Frye, Mark Richards and more. Film releases March 29th on VOD and is Directed by Joseph Ryan.

7 Miles of Paradise

If you send me a surf film with Anastasia Ashley shark diving in a bikini that is a surf film I will watch. And if it also includes rad surfing and interviews with North Shore staples Sunny Garcia, Jamie O’Brien, Makua Rothman and his bro Koa, I’m definitely in. 7 Miles of Paradise looks like a throwback 80’s – 90’s surf flick with a dash of EDM and some fun footage of the North Shore. Film releases March 22nd and is Directed by Phil Waller.

Dirty Old Wedge

Ever surfed at the Wedge before? Bet you didn’t know the full story. This rad trailer featured way more cool footage and history than I thought possible, and considering I’m from SoCal, its definitely on my future watch list. The film hasn’t premiered yet, but the filmmakers made it sound like that date is rapidly approaching.


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