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If this is the pinnacle of surf cinema, what's next? Photo: @ViewFromABlueMoon

If this is the pinnacle of surf cinema, what’s next? Photo: @ViewFromABlueMoon

The Inertia

Summer is great. The water’s a little warmer and the beach is oh so inviting. Unfortunately the waves don’t always pitch in for their part of the deal. If you find yourself needing to get your surf stoke on but the waves are flat, here are a few sweet summer surf flicks that can keep you going. The films cover themes like how the fish style board was created to an epic and beautiful film about John John to the essence of why we all surf – something for everybody. See the trailers below and plan your weekend viewing party.


This doc film covers the history of the Fish style surfboard. You know, it’s that board you LOVE to ride but never asked how it was created.

View From a Blue Moon

If you still haven’t seen this surf film about John John Florence, narrated by John C Reilly and produced by Brain Farm, then you need to check your stoke.

7 Miles of Paradise

Anastasia Ashley plus the North Shore plus epic surfers like Jamie O’Brien, Sunny Garcia and Makua Rothman – I’m sold.

The Wave I Ride

Paige Alms rides waves. Big ones as a matter of fact. She rides waves I would drown in and she charges fearlessly. This film documents her drive to ride those waves and how it’s shaped her life.

The Essence of Surfing


If you love surfing (which is a safe bet) but couldn’t put your finger on exactly why, here’s a family friendly surf film that can help you understand it all a little better. The Essence of Surfing incites the stoke in all of us, whether we are chasing big waves or trying to find small fun ones we all have our own reasons to love surfing.


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