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Lakey Peterson playing guitar.

Nothing like a little reflection on the eve of a brand new year. Lakey Peterson, strumming along. Photo: Willie Kessel

The Inertia

The waning days of December just have that effect. Looking back. Looking forward. Trying to make sense of it all and making improvements along the way. That’s how it goes this time of year. We asked Lakey Peterson to share a few of her New Year’s resolutions, and she pointed us in the right direction.

1. Spend as much time in the water as possible. Whether it’s surfing, swimming, bodysurfing, shooting cool GoPro photos. It all adds up. The water is so rejuvenating…an important key to happiness.

2. Take in every moment in the water and the whole experience. Sometimes we get pretty caught up in unimportant things and don’t realize how amazing it is to be out there surfing.

3. Set a goal and really work at it. Make yourself stick to it and see your improvements.

4. Push yourself! Whether it’s surfing a bigger wave or trying a new trick, don’t hold back. Who knows what you can accomplish?

5. Introduce someone to surfing this year. It has changed my life and so many others. You have the chance to pass on what an amazing gift surfing is.

Lakey as a cucumber.

Lakey Peterson…taking it all in.


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