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Finally. The time is nearing. We’re just a couple weeks away from seeing a modern spin on the film that had us ordering TWO meatball subs and screaming that we’re F-B-I AYYYYY-GENTS for the last fifteen years. It’s time. And we got the skinny on the making of this film, and by all accounts, its creators did their homework in enlisting great surfers (Bruce Irons, Ian Walsh, Makua Rothman, Mark Healey, etc…) and athletes across all action sports in order to put their best foot forward in making Point Break feel completely new.

And since we were able to talk to some of the actors, we wanted to share a couple bonus facts not revealed in the video below. Because nerdy Point Break trivia will never go out of style. Never.

Bonus Fact #1: Actress Teresa Palmer’s youngest son is named Bodhi. No, really. She named him Bodhi before she even knew she landed a role in the new film, but by God it’s true. Apparently, she’s long been fascinated by Eastern Philosophy, named her child, and then, hey, she got a phone call about a little film called Point Break. There’s no such thing as coincidence, right?

Bonus Fact #2: Luke Bracey actually grew up as a surfer in the Northern Beaches of Australia, and he can’t believe he’s playing Johnny Utah. His friends can’t either. He doesn’t think his version of the character is as quotable as Keanu, but, for his sake, that’s probably a good thing.


Point Break opens in theaters December 25th.


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