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The Inertia

If you’ve ever done a Puerto Rican surf trip — something you should most definitely do — you know that the wind can be two things: your enemy or, if you have the right mindset, your friend.

Throughout the winter, a hard northeaster blows up the coast, whipping up waves. At the same time, though, that same wind at a few degrees off or a few knots harder could completely destroy those waves. That means that surfers who know Puerto Rico know that you’ll need to be ready to head to a new spot if the wind changes, because what could be unsurfable wind chop in one place could be reeling perfection in another.

“It’s easy to fall into a rhythm, living every day according to the elements, and letting the weeks slip away,” wrote the folks at Quiksilver, who created the film you see above. “In other words, it’s the perfect place to take an Endless Trip — which is exactly what Noah Collins, Rolo Montes, Jody Allen, Claire Murphy and Hunter Martinez did.”

Rolo grew up in P.R., so he knows the place like the back of his own hand. They piled into a truck, pointed themselves towards adventure, and crossed their fingers. And the finger crossing worked. They spent an undetermined amount of time exploring the place, and they somehow managed to pack the footage into the 12 minutes you see above.


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