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The Inertia

Although this spoof on Nike Surfing and Kolohe may have arrived a few months late, Nathaniel Curran and friends certainly make their point: Under-prepare. Over-perform.

In the words of Kyle MacLennan, the creator of BeachBabesBBQ.com:

With the event of NIKE radically pulling out of the “Surf Industry” and leaving several of the world’s professional surfers at the mercy of Hurley to clean up their dirty work, the thought of doing a parody on one of their advertising pieces as a FUN personal project was developed.


Yes, surfing is a “professional” sport, and athletes do train for ultimate performance; but when you think about surfing and its origin, it has always been a mix of characters, playing in the ocean, at the beach, and wanting to have fun. Surfing is fun! So have fun. We did.

The original video is below, for reference:



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