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The Inertia

Depending on where you live, this past summer was either really good or really bad. Indonesia, for example, was really good. Other places? Not so much. Kyllian Guérin and Justin Becret were in the not so much camp, so they decided that they were in desperate need of crystalline waves and tropical vibes. They pointed themselves towards the Caribbean, a place with lots of both.

The day before they left, one of the first hurricanes of the season made itself known. The pair packed their bags frantically, less than two hours before their flight, and took to the skies. It was a short trip, but they packed as much as they possibly could into it. Point breaks, reefs, beachies… you name it, they found it. They flew, they boated, and they drove. And in the end, it was a strike mission that was well worth the effort.


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