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Few things stay under the radar nowadays. The very thing you’re reading this on — the internet — is responsible for the unimpeded transfer of information, of news, locations, you name it. To the surfing world, this has meant no lineup goes untouched. Ever.

Don’t get carried away now, we’re not about to pretend Jaws was empty on Monday while just about all of Hawaii enjoyed a great late-season winter swell. But most of the hype and crowds found their way elsewhere. Photographer Aaron Lynton made his way to Pe’ahi on Monday and found that out firsthand.

“With most people at Honolua Bay or on Oahu at Waimea, there were only a few local boys out charging: Daniel Goldberg, Micah Harris, Rafael Kroeff and Frank Violi, with Daniel Silvagni and Rama Martin running safety,” Lynton tells The Inertia. 

So cheers to this crew for scoring something of a unicorn in the modern world: a massive day at Jaws with only a few people out in the lineup.


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