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“Competing is in my blood. So that’s it.”

When I think of Adriano de Souza, I think of a fierce competitor. He’s the guy who pisses Kelly off on occasion. He won’t back down, and to strip him of competitive surfing is to strip him of surfing’s joys. At least that’s the idea I project upon him.

And after having a chance to sit down and talk with Adriano during a down night at the Oakley Pro Bali, most of my suspicions were confirmed. Competing is in his blood. His words, not mine. But Adriano also communicated a disarming grace and humility. It’s in his eyes. Paired with a demure smile that lets on that he’s worked very hard for the success he’s enjoyed thus far in his life, and he appreciates it. Clearly, he’s nowhere near finished. I respect that.


Without further ado, meet Adriano De Souza.  – Zach Weisberg

And much respect to Adriano for indulging this all-English interview. When’s the last time you discussed the things you care about to a camera in a second language? Obrigado.

(HEADSPACE) is an original film series by The Inertia that takes viewers inside the minds of surfing’s most influential figures. Check out the first two interviews in the series with Bruce Irons and Carissa Moore. Special thanks to Oakley, Matt Pappas, and Aaron Lieber for making this one happen.

Adriano De Souza Headpsace Photo: Red Bull

Adriano De Souza Headpsace Photo: Red Bull

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