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The Inertia

Albee Layer enjoys surfing just like you. And maybe, again, like you, he enjoys throwing the occasional air.  Okay, he really likes throwing airs. If you’ve ever thrown an air in your life, or followed people who like to throw airs, you might have heard of surfing’s Yeti: the “air wind.”

Well, in our new series with Albee, Random Thoughts, the Maui native addresses the Bigfoot in the room, and downplays the importance of air wind. You see, if you can throw an air, you can pretty much throw airs anywhere, regardless of wind direction. And Maui, often attributed to being the land where the wind blows the right direction all the time for punting, is also, a myth, as Mr. Layer tells us. It just so happens that there are a lot of surfers on the island who also happen to enjoy the occasional aerial as much as Albee. And he’s got footage to back it up. So enjoy our second installment of Random Thoughts with Albee Layer, brought to you by Infinity Surfboards.

Check out Albee’s first installment of Random Thoughts where he addresses the complications of naming tricks, here. 


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