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As kids, we waited for every film release like we did the next swell. Taylor Steele’s latest was ten times better than the latest magazine. Because there were no web clips and it felt so much more alive. It had real clips from the best waves in the world and real skits (that were mostly funny) and real heroes doing unreal things in the water. And most every generation of surfer has felt the same for the last fifty years. But the digital age has taken a brutal toll on that tradition. Short Instagram clips and web edits and YouTube channels have all combined to spell the end of the surf movie as we once knew it. Mostly gone are the days of the premiere where screaming groms would yell for autographs and high fives, replaced (unfortunately) by likes and comments. It just ain’t the same. In our new series, “Random Thoughts,” Albee Layer has laid down some knowledge for us in the most casual way possible. Here, he laments the loss of the surf movie.

Random Thoughts is brought to you by our friends at Infinity Surf. Listen to more Random Thoughts from Albee, here.


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