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The Inertia

Alex Lopez has surfing royalty in his blood. His father, as you likely know, is Gerry Lopez. Mr. Pipeline. The King of Style. He’s surfing’s very own Yoda, embodying zen. Alex has picked up a bit of that, and it shows in his easy style of speech and a calmness that rolls off of him. Alex Lopez also shapes surfboards. Very good surfboards. Very pretty surfboards. They’re not, however, the kind of surfboard you’ll see on Tour.

They’re the kind of surfboards made for a surfer who wants to keep a surfboard; to get to know it, to ride it for years, to form a relationship with it. Recently, Vissla pointed the camera at Alex and asked him about making these boards. Turns out, he wants you to try it yourself.

“It’s just so accessible to get stuff and do it yourself,” he says. “Give it a shot, make something, surf it, and have fun. That’s what it’s all about.”


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