Photographer / Filmmaker / Drone Producer / Co-Founder, Máquina Voadora

The Inertia

Rail Road is a surf film that follows Nic von Rupp through Europe, testing some of the heaviest waves found on the old continent. Director Gustavo Imigrante captures the Portuguese surfer’s adventure, going from country to country on night train rides with stimulating landscape views and a lot of time to contemplate every experience in the journey.

In between transit, Nic stops and surfs some shallow slabs alongside the likes of Mick Fanning, Tom Lowe, Russel Bierke, Conor Maguire, Peter Conroy, Dylan Stott, and many other brave surfers.

Ireland, Scotland, Norway and Portugal, are just some of the featured locations of this amazing journey. Nic is known for his slab hunting missions around the globe, many times with a hit & run kind of style. This production is a departure from that though, as he travels across Europe in a more old fashioned way, taking his time to get there, and exploring some of the continent’s “underground” heavy waves.

Editor’s Note: You can subscribe to Nic’s new Youtube channel for more here.


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