Tis the season, amirite? From the new-and-improved politically correct cups at Starbucks to drinking too much spiked eggnog and strategically positioning oneself under mistletoe, everyone’s getting in the holiday spirit. And there’s no better way to get your jollies than to mimic everyone’s favorite fictional house intruder gift giver.

In New York and San Francisco they have SantaCon, a day championed by former frat bros named “Brad” and “Derek” who roam their respective cities with bellies full of Jaegermeister and pick fights with people, but down under they do things a little differently. Instead of taking to the vomit and urine stained streets in Santa garb, the Aussies hopped in the water at Bondi. A flock of them turned out – 320 to be exact. And that was enough to break the Guinness World Record for the largest surf lesson ever.

The surfing Santa showdown was set up by retailer Redballoon and lessons company Let’s Go Surfing. And despite the record-breaking achievement, there was one letdown surrounding the event. Unfortunately, the Big Man Santa Clause himself was not in attendance, according to reports. If he had been, though, he would’ve shown these imposters how to do a proper cutback.


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