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Back in June, the infamous LA shark pulled off the most brazen of attacks. His intent was to make a real name for himself by becoming the first great white in history to attack outside the ocean. In the wake of the devastation, hard-hitting reporter Dan Dather sat down for an exclusive interview.

Watch the exclusive footage of the attack below:

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Dan Dather is only used to sitting down with highly acclaimed guests who possess earth shattering talents. He has interviewed people like Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, the Pope, and even Lindsay Lohan–the best of the best. At the very least, they’re world leaders and when LA Shark reveals his “hot, hot” skateboarding clip on the show, Dather is appalled by the performance and walks off set. Naturally, it ends with LA Shark seeking water, which many argue is where he belongs.

See the part one of the interview HERE.

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Host: Jim Wakefield
Drone Operator: Robbie Tassaro
DP: Andrew Arthur


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