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Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley has the most ridiculous pre-surf warm up out there. While most might give it a couple hamstring and tricep stretches and head out, Anastasia looks to be trying out for a 2 Chainz music video. Or maybe it’s a headphone commercial? I’m not sure, but whatever she’s doing didn’t get her past the Round of 72 at the Ford Supergirl Pro in Oceanside, California.

On the tail of the Roxy Pro trailer controversy and the blatant sexuality of some crowd members at the US Open of Surfing, Anastasia Ashley doesn’t seem to care about the critics who say it has no place in surfing. Good for her. Do whatever gets you there. In fact, she claims this is a regular thing for her. She told Surfing Magazine, “Every contest, that’s kind of my warm-up routine. The one thing that the video doesn’t show is everything else that I do. I do stretches and other things, you know? I try to get loose and that’s just a part of it.”

While I can imagine the commentary this video will elicit (see the original YouTube video for yourself), below is a pretty good one. A mixture of disbelief, disgust and awe? What’s your reaction?

Here is one priceless reaction. What's yours?

Here is one priceless reaction. What’s yours?


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