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It’s not Kelly and Kalani. It’s not Jordy Smith and Lyndall. Not Luke Smith and Cailin Russo. Not Julian Wilson and Ashley Osborne. Nope. All good-looking people, to be sure. We’re talking Anastasia Ashley and Jiffpom here. That’s right folks.

Anastasia is attractive. And she charges. Both undeniable. And when she graces the site via one of her myriad attention-grabbing antics (see: twerk warmup), it tends to draw an audience. Makes some people happy. Some mad. But I don’t think I’ve ever been as interested in her happenings as I was when I discovered she’s got an ongoing relationship with JiffPom, the world’s cutest Pomeranian (with a shaved haircut…crucial) who happens to be able to walk on his hands on command (and skateboard).

Yeah, the dog walks on his front legs. It’s insane.

Yup. That just happened. If you don’t follow @JiffPom on Instagram yet, you’re welcome.

Then he went standup paddle boarding.

Then got a quick skate in with Anastasia.

And he’s way better than anyone else you follow on Instagram. Here’s why.

Most Instagram/social media accounts tend to achieve one of a few things. They broadcast an achievement or experience that invites praise, recognition, or envy. Some variation of the three. Sometimes there’s an artistic, comedic, or substantive quality to an individual or brand’s feed. Sometimes it’s insightful or entertaining, but that feels much more like the exception rather than the rule. For the most part, my Instagram feed tends to warp into a swirl of narcissistic bullshit that makes life (and even pleasure) appear forced, homogenous and sometimes sad. Jiffpom does not do that. Jiffpom is an olive branch. A stream of light in a dark social ocean. He’s just a furry robot bear of love that can walk on his front two legs. And he’s chillin’ with Anastasia.

What’s not to love about that?

If anyone knows of any other ridiculously cute animals with extraordinary talents that make social media more fun, please share them below.


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