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Andy Irons

Although Andy Irons' autopsy has been concluded, the report's release has been delayed another 30 days. Photo: ASP/Kirstin

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The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s office distributed a press release today announcing a second postponement of Andy Irons’ autopsy results.

According to the release, “The family of Andy Irons filed an Unopposed Motion to Modify the Temporary Injunction that was to expire tomorrow, May 20, 2011. The family requested a (30) day extension which was granted by Judge Donald J. Cosby.”

The release also noted that Irons’ autopsy has been concluded but will not be signed by Dr. Nizam Peerwani until the injunction is lifted.

According to court documents, “the autopsy report will contradict the rumors [of] a drug overdose. However, given the media frenzy, Plaintiff is concerned that technical, scientific aspects of the autopsy report will be misconstrued and misinterpreted. False and misleading reports on the content of the autopsy would cause Plaintiff irreparable harm in that it could greatly reduce the branding value of Mr. Irons’ company.”

According to the documents, the delay is necessary “so that Plaintiff can issue any appropriate press releases explaining the conclusions and the impact of the autopsy and squelch any false rumors based upon a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the autopsy.”

The autopsy report was initially delayed for a six-month period in an effort to “protect the branding value of Mr. Irons’ company” and also so that “the Center for Disease Control could complete its research …thus ensuring the accuracy of the autopsy.”

According to a report by Outside Magazine‘s Brad Melekian, the Tarrant County district attorney was unaware that a petition had even been submitted to delay the toxicology results.

Ashley Fourt, the Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney told Melekian, “I’m not going to continue to not oppose this forever,” she said. “It is public information.”

Read the Irons family’s response to the delay of the toxicology report.


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