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The Inertia

There are few surfers that I enjoy watching more than Asher Pacey. There’s something about the way he rides a wave that translates the way surfing feels in my head a little better than most other surfers. Pacey surfs the way I mind surf. Mind you, it’s not the way I actually surf, but you get the idea. He’s a very distinctive surfer with a style all his own — something that’s increasingly rare these days — and he works with the wave instead of attacking it.

Without being too cliché about it, it’s resembles a dance more than say, the way Filipe Toledo rides a wave. That’s not to take anything away from Toledo, of course. I just can’t connect the way Toledo surfs with the way I surf. But Pacey? Pacey’s surfing is fluid, smooth, and powerful. No wasted energy, no wasted movements. And in Carillon, Album’s latest YouTube offering, Pacey’s surfing is on perhaps its finest display.


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