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Bae-Watch: Kelly Slater Stamps Seal of Approval on Pamela Anderson’s New Documentary

The GOAT definitely plays a role in Pamela Anderson’s new documentary. Photo (L) WSL (R) Screenshot//YouTube

The Inertia

The separate worlds of surfing and Hollywood collide from time to time, and if I’m being honest, it’s better when they don’t. But when you bring the GOAT into it, perhaps it means that this time will be different: Kelly Slater has written his pre-approval of Pamela Anderson’s new documentary film, Pamela, a love story, which was released on January 31. 

Slater congratulated the Baywatch star by commenting “Congrats to you guys. Look forward to watching. 😊” on an Instagram post about the film posted by Pam’s son, Brandon Thomas Lee. His comment was met with many likes (over 600 as of today) and quite a few supportive comments, one pointing out to Kelly that Pam is single. Kelly, however, is still with longtime girlfriend Kalani Miller, so his comment appears to be supportive as opposed to flirtatious. 

Slater and Anderson have a long history. Kelly was on 27 episodes of Baywatch, where he played character Jimmy Slade, from 1992 to 1996, and the two began dating after meeting on set. Ultimately, their relationship ended when Pam married Tommy Lee, the drummer from Motley Crue, in 1995 Mexico while she was still dating Kelly Slater. (And rumor has it she was supposed to go to Florida to meet Kelly’s family during that same time period.) 


All is well, though, as the two appear to be on good terms, and Pamela even notes in her documentary that Slater “‘was my big love, actually. He was such a sweetheart to me and so good to me.” Will Hollywood see more of Slater? Time will tell. For today, though, Pipeline is taking all of the GOAT’s attention. Any documentaries, ex-beaus, and the silver screen will have to wait. 


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