The Inertia

Hailing from the harsh streets of Harlem, Big L was an explosive rapper known for bombastic word wizardry like: “I’m so ahead of my time, my parents haven’t met yet.”

Though now deceased – he was shot nine times in a drive-by at the young age of 24 – Big L’s legacy lives on through legions of fans. Fans like New York’s own Balaram Stack. Bal and Big L, both New Yorkers but in totally different disciplines, share a lot in their approach – confidence, flair, and casual flow. That’s why the two pair so nicely together as seen above in the clip chronicling a recent trip of Balaram’s down to Panama.

And the barrel-to-boost combo to close out the edit is basically Balaram’s version of hater-stomping diss to finish a freestyle battle. **Mic Drop**


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